Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: Lily Jade "Baby Bag"

lily jade baby bag

Since Silas was just a wee guy, I've been on the hunt for a baby storage solution for the car. We don't exactly live in the boonies, but anywhere that's at least a 1/2 hour drive to Target? May as well be. That said, anytime we run errands we usually make a day of it, or at the very least a morning or afternoon. Meaning when we leave the house, we're armed with a TON of stuff.

Up until recently, all of these baby goods were basically just shoved into any and every place we could utilize in our minivan. Which if you know moi + the neat freak I can be, then you know that this didn't mesh well with my Type A personality. Lucky for me, I was given the opportunity to try out the new Baby Bag from Lily Jade, the creators of the gorgeous designer diaper bags (including my favorite: The Caroline) I'm sure you're all familiar with.

Jump kicks were most certainly in order because this bag? Lifesaver. Deemed "holder of all the things" in our house, because it quite literally holds ALL THE THINGS. Just peep the contents I'm able to load up in the Large Baby Bag (aka the mothership) for proof.

lily jade baby bag

Contents of My Large Baby Bag:
  • 7 diapers
  • large pack of wipes
  • change of clothes
  • 2 large bottles
  • formula case + formula
  • nursing cover
  • 2 jars of baby food
  • 3 spoons
  • Blabla doll
  • paci wipes
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • Wubbanub paci
  • hand sanitizer
  • diaper cream
  • sunscreen
  • teether toy
  • and 8 baby toys (EIGHT!)

And you know what? It could hold more. No, really. Which is fortunate for us considering we'll be moving back to TX (by way of car) next week. Cue the Home Alone Kevin slap face, 'cause scurred. So glad we have this bag to keep us organized!

lily jade baby bag

And here it is loaded up in the car, fitting all perfectly in the floorboard:

lily jade baby bag

If you're looking for an organizer, I highly recommend the Baby Bag! We use it in the car, but it would also be perfect as a diaper caddy in the house (and WAY cuter than the ones found in stores!) or as a divider inside of a large purse/tote/camera bag. Definitely THE bag to fulfill all of your organizational needs!

Disclosure: Lily Jade sent us this bag to review free of charge, but I was not compensated in any other way for this post. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Insta-life {June 2014}

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
mornin' walks // doc office hangs

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
they bicker a LOT, but THIS // sleeping beauty

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
pretty napkins // layin' down tracks

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
best girl // "Si Si", her real life baby doll

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
airplane // unsure bout dis whole Bumbo device

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
pneumonias aren't fun // doing MUCH better after spending the night @ the hospital

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
bros // my non-napper napping = success

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
on the mend // "I blog wike mama!"

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
morning scene // baby beefcake

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
family selfie whilst celebrating Father's Day // going in for the smooch

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
jelly of her wardrobe // first time eating cereal #nope

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
coffee parties // woke up super early but in the BEST mood

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
Kinder Celebration Day // Birk lurve

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
hail to the new Lana // slept in the tent even after big bro ditched her for his bed

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
goooal! // such a sweet + bright + funny little dude

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
grooming "bud bud" // morning chats (lots to say)

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
three point five hrs into summer break & already bored // all the yarns for weaving

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
dees guys // sparkly new sandals for my lady

Brock Paper Scissors Instagram
floor hangs // sweet card Nico gave me before my ankle surgery

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silas Rhodes - 6 Months

Brock Paper Scissors Silas

Our little not-so-little Si guy turned 6 months on the 10th. What a big boy he is! Doing ALL THE THINGS dees days. This stage is SO much fun. Loads better than the three-and-a-half year hell we're currently in the midst of with Lola. No bueno.

There aren't quite as many photos to share of the duder this month because WIGGLY. The majority of 'em ended up a big blur. Hah! He's not crawling just yet, but is definitely getting there. He can sit up and when on his tummy he's rocking + kicking like cray. My guess is that it's just a matter of time. Though if I had it my way, he'd hold out for another couple of months because SO NOT READY. #nope He was just born after all.

They sent us back to have a 2nd ultrasound done on his head last week (again, just as a precaution) and everything still looks good - just has a big 'ole noggin'! Taking after his older sibs, dis guy. Did I mention that Lola's worn an adult-sized helmet since she was two? It's all dem brains!

Weight // 18.19 lb. (64%)
Height // 27.36in (81%)
Head Circumference // 47.5cm (99%)

See? Big head. HUGE. Though he's not a shrimp in the other categories either. I think he's gonna be tall like Daddy (who's 6'5", btdubs).

LIKES: all the FUDS, talking, jumping, sitting up, playing with his toys, splorin', drinking water, watching cartoons with his bro & sis (which never happened this early with #1 & #2 but YOLO), thumb sucking (cayute!), being outdoors

DISLIKES: forever + always his carseat (which should make for an interesting road trip back to TX next month), being put down, naps (sigh), teething (double sigh)

EATING: We've been alternating between the carrots and sweet potatoes I made him with the Beaba over the past couple of weeks, and he LOVES it. Like whoa! #babyfoodie Also, we recently offered him oatmeal again (which up until now? FAIL) but this time mixed it with fruit (alternating between apples & pears), which has been going over well. He's really digging all the NOMS, so I think we'll add some more options to the mix soon - maybe squash and bananas? We'll see.

SLEEPING: Still not digging the naps, but that week after my ankle surgery where I was on pain meds and nursing? Lots of naps happened then, LOLZ. I thought he had actually become a pro napper, but then I stopped taking 'em and BAM back to no naps. Womp. Still sleeping through the night most nights though!

So much talking going on this month! He's started saying both "mamamamamama" and "dadadadadada" constantly (mama the most though, hah!). I don't think he knows what they mean so much as they're probably just the easiest to say, but I'll take it! I really need to take a video because CUTEST.

Another thing I suspect we're in the midst of is teething. He's constantly chewing he fist, sucking his thumb + drooling like a large dog. There are 4 teeth that look like they're ready to pop through, though it's hard to be certain. I think it may be time to invest in an amber teething necklace - I've heard only good things. Thoughts or recs welcome.

Brock Paper Scissors Silas Brock Paper Scissors Silas Brock Paper Scissors Silas Brock Paper Scissors Silas Brock Paper Scissors Silas
^^^peep dem rubberband wrists - BEST!^^^

It's hard to remember what life was like without you in it, little man. You fit right into the crazy of our family so seamlessly. We love you so, Silas boy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

4th of July {2014}

Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July

I'm close to a month late in posting this, but that's kind of the deal these days. Three is more time consuming than I anticipated, but in the best way possible (most days). Plus, as I mentioned before, we're in the midst of Summer Break, which means I'm lucky if I get around to posting 1-2x/wk. Though I'm guessing this is the norm for most bloggers during non-school months. Hashtag real life.

We planned on driving out for the fireworks, but didn't end of making it (boo!) - our first year we've missed 'em! They didn't have any close by (like they have in past years), and I had ankle surgery just 5 days prior, so I wasn't really up for trekking out to DC or anywhere that required much walking. The kids were pretty good sports about it, thankfully.

Instead, we filled up our oversized inflatable pool, fired up the grill + cooked ALL THE FUDS and roasted marshmallows to make s'mores. You know, the basics. It was nice, but truthfully, it has me longing for the days when we're back in TX to celebrate such holidays with our fam. Luckily, this was our last 4th of July (or holiday of any sort!) we'll have to spend without them. Less than a month till we're outta here! Not that I'm counting or anything, lol.

Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July Brock Paper Scissors 4th of July

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stay-at-Home vs. Working Mom

home office

It's been more quiet around here than usual for a couple of reasons: a) it's summertime, meaning my kids are out of school, and b) I've been looking for work. Like it's my JOB. Hah!

See, back before I had kids, I used to work in Market Research. I had this pretty sweet gig in Dallas that I actually sort of loved (no really, I did!). I started from the bottom as a Recruiter and over the years (+ a company switch later) was able to work my way up to Senior Project Manager. I was in a long distance relationship with Dan + didn't have any children at the time, so it was nice to just really throw myself into something. But, once I got married and moved out to San Diego where the hubby was (then) stationed, things changed. I got a job at another MR company where I worked whilst preggo, but left just before Nico was born. I wasn't in love with my new position (or the current mgmt.), and therefore, it just seemed like the right move. And it was. At the time.

Fast forward 6 years and 2 kids later, and returning to the workforce is looking like a viable option. I always said when we moved back to TX that I'd eventually like to work again. I didn't think I'd be looking quite so soon, but with Dan still searching for something to transition to outside of the Navy, I decided to start looking as well. And now that I may have a couple of opportunities coming my way? It's becoming a LOT more real. Which if I'm being honest, is a little scary.

I mean, I already feel like I'm so busy being a stay-at-home mom. How will I possibly fit in all that I do + take on a job outside of the home? I know it's doable 'cause people do it erryday, it's just hard to imagine what our new normal will look like. Is it me working while Dan's home w/ the kids + actively look for work? Me working with Dan back in school to get his Master's? Or both of us working with Lola in an all-day preschool and Si in daycare? There's really so much that's still up in the air.

I haven't really wrapped my head around the idea of leaving my children with someone else just yet. Yes, Lola went to part-day preschool for the 2nd part of this past school year (once she turned 3), but she's still painfully shy. Like, only-talked-to-her-teachers-once-the-whole-time-she-was-there shy! How will she do switching over to an all-day program? And what about my little Silas? I haven't even reactivated my gym membership since he came along because I'm scared of leaving him with someone else. What if something goes wrong? He doesn't talk yet, so how would he tell me? These are the questions/concerns that I've been struggling with.

All of this said, I believe it could actually be a good thing for me to get back out there. Yes, I think being away from my babies could be challenging at first, but I really do think that getting out of the house and doing something non-kid related would be good for me. Perhaps even make me a better mom? Who knows?! What I do know is that changes are a-comin'! And while scary, it's also sort of exciting. I didn't see myself staying home forever. And now that I possibly have the opportunity to go back to work doing what I love? I think I may want to give it a go and see what happens!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nico's Last Day of Kindergarten

Nico kindergarten

My little man graduated Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. Hastag how did this even happen?! Hashtag time you need a big ol' slap in the face, because NO. I mean, on the one hand, I'm loving the smart, funny, and just plain awesome kid he's grown into. But, on the other? I literally remember bringing him home from the hospital, like it was yesterday. Which makes me painfully aware of just how quickly time is flying by, and how before I know it, he'll be grown. Luckily, we still have a ways to go before this happens, so in the meantime, I'm trying my darndest to enjoy each moment to the best of my ability.

This year was a really big one in terms of development. He knows how to read, y'all! And not just sight words, but, like, legit reading. Chapter books and stuff! Also, I'm certain he's gonna out-math me within the next year or two. Not even joking (since when do Kindergarteners know multiplication?!). Besides math, his favorite subjects are art and science. In fact, he'll be attending a Summer science program offered through the school that's starting soon (like, he chose to go…by choice!). Not to get all braggy, but homey is a straight up smartypants! Just sayin'.

Sadly, this was his first AND last year at his current school, since we'll be moving back to the Dallas area before the new school year begins (assuming Dan gets his separation orders in time - fingers crossed!). Thankfully, I'm not too worried about him making new friends, because shy? He is not.

Nico kindergarten Nico kindergarten

…And let's not address the fact that he'll be in an actual grade this Fall. If I don't say it, it won't happen, right? Right?!

For reference, here's a little side-by-side comparison of his first + last day of school: #wah

Nico kindergarten

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking Stock

Brock Paper Scissors home
The place we've called home for over 3 years now

I saw this meme called "Taking Stock" going around the internet awhile back (I believe this was the original source), so I thought I'd give it a go! I secretly sort of love these things.

Making: plans for our return to Dallas late next month. Cannot wait to get back there! It's been far too long.
Cooking: mostly just the meals we liked from our round of Whole30. I haven't really experimented with anything new this past week because I just had ankle surgery. I do plan on making Silas' first baby food later this week, though!
Drinking: water + homemade fraps (in the AM).
Reading: The Fault in Our Stars - it's been on my iPad for about a year, but I'm just getting around to reading it. So far, so good!
Wanting: for Dan's orders to come in so we can get our move set up. The process is a whole lot of hurry up and wait - so stressful!
Looking: at Lola and Si sitting next to me (she's singing him a song she made up).
Playing: new Lana - love it!
Wasting: time doing this when I should be looking for jobs (more on this later).
Sewing: not sewing anything, but I am weaving a wall hanging with my new loom.
Wishing: that my kids would stop growing - this current age combo (6yr., 3.5yr. & 6mo.) is so good!
Enjoying: the amazing weather we've been having - breezy + not too humid or hot.
Waiting: for our trip to Six Flags this weekend! I'll be in a boot, but we got free tickets that expire on the 14th, so I'm gonna suck it up, lol.
Liking: how well my older two have been getting along. There's usually a lot of bickering between them, but lately? Not so much. It's been nice.
Wondering: how it's gonna be for all 5 of us to stay with my dad and stepmom when we move back to Dallas. Excited, but also a little worried…for them. Hah!
Loving: my new Birks! When I was younger, I had the Target knockoffs, so this is my first real experience. They are so comfy! In fact, I love 'em so much that I'm asking for a second pair for my birthday!
Hoping: Dan finds a job soon (and possibly me, too). Transitioning out of the military & into the real world can be a little scary, especially when you've got kids you're responsible for.
Marveling: at the relationship between my 3 littles. Their bond is incredible.
Needing: more hours in the day.
Smelling: Silas' head. Nothing better than the smell of a baby!
Wearing: cropped harem lounge pants all day, erryday.
Following: All the incredible mamas + food gurus I follow on Instagram. So inspiring!
Noticing: how much all of my children have grown recently - especially Lola. It's like she's gone from toddler to kid overnight. Parts of me love it, but it also sort of kills me that she's no longer a baby.
Knowing: that because Dan is getting out of the military, he'll never be deployed again. Such a relief!
Thinking: about what a B time can be! How is my baby already almost 6 months old?!
Bookmarking: this news of a new book release from Judy Blume next year. Love her!
Opening: La Croix, which I used to hate but now sort of love.
Giggling: at my kids, always. They are far more funny than I am.
Feeling: eager to see what the future has in store. So much is about to change, and although it is scary, it's also quite exciting!
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